Thursday 11 January

To accommodate increasing delegate numbers, some talks/lectures will be streamed. This symbol denotes plenary lectures that 
will be streamed live from the Churchill Auditorium into the Mountbatten Room on the Fifth Floor.
0830-0900 Registration (Ground Floor) & industry exhibition (Third Floor)
0900-1030 T1a: Hearts  T1b: Regulation, safety & quality
0900-0925 Peripartum cardiomyopathy
Dr Surbhi Malhotra, Sydney
Dr Judith Chrystie, GMC, London
0925-0950 Mechanical support of the failing heart
Dr Paul Harris, London
The Health and Safety Executive
Ms Emmie Galilee, HSE
0950-1015 Protecting the heart
Dr Gudrun Kunst, London
The Care Quality Commission
Dr David Behan, CEO, CQC
1015-1030 Discussion
1030-1100 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Third Floor) / poster viewing (Fifth Floor)
  Room: Churchill,
Ground Floor
Room: Mountbatten, 
Fifth Floor
Room: Cambridge, 
Fifth Floor
1100-1230 T2a: Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland session T2b: Training
T2c: Poster Discussion
Chair: Dr Gerry Keenan, Council Member, AAGBI

1100-1125 National audits: emergency laparotomy and small bowel obstruction
Dr Iain Anderson, Manchester
Trainees with differing needs
Dr Kathryn Bell, Newcastle
Group viewing and discussions facilitated by poster judges.
1125-1150 Emergency general surgery in pregnancy – surgical issues
Mrs Sonia Lockwood, Bradford
Bullying, undermining, and giving constructive feedback
Dr John Launer, London
1150-1215 Emergency general surgery in pregnancy – peri-operative / anaesthetic issues
Dr Adi Stewart, London
Future of medical training
Dr Colin Melville, GMC
1215-1230 Discussion Discussion
1230-1300 T3: Panel discussion / Q&A session for members

Representatives from AAGBI, CAI & BMA, Dr Liam Brennan, President, RCoA

1300-1400 Lunch / industry exhibition (Third Floor)Trainee Lunch: There will be a lunch for all the trainees attending the meeting
(Location: Pickwick, First Floor)
  Room: Churchill,
Ground Floor
Room: Mountbatten,
Fifth Floor
1400-1530 T4a: British Pain Society session
T4b: Dilemmas in practice
1400-1425 Opioids: use, misuse and abuse
Dr Roger Knaggs, Nottingham
An interactive session about working in a demanding clinical service
1425-1450 Medicolegal aspects of consent and pain: drawing a straight line on shifting sand
Dr Raj Munglani, Cambridge


Visual images and pain management
Dr Joanna Zakrzewska, London
1515-1530 Discussion
1530-1600 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Third Floor)
1600-1645 T5: Keynote - Archie Brain Lecture
Location: Churchill, Ground Floor

Fact and fallacy in peri-operative research
Prof Michael AvidanLive streaming

  Room: Churchill,
Ground Floor
Room: Mountbatten, Fifth Floor
1645-1815 T6a: Attacks and disasters
T6b: New/emerging therapies
1645-1710 Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats: when the bad gets worse
Dr Steven Bland, Portsmouth

New treatment strategies for sepsis
Prof Anthony Gordon

1710-1735 Preparation and early response
Dr Tim Hodgetts, Birmingham
Artificial blood
Dr David Anstee, Bristol
1735-1800 Emergency preparedness
Dr Bob Winter
Additives to local anaesthetic blocks
Dr Eric Albrecht, Lausanne
1800-1815 Discussion Discussion