Thursday 10 January

To accommodate increasing delegate numbers, some talks/lectures will be streamed. This symbol denotes plenary lectures that 
will be streamed live from the Churchill Auditorium into the Mountbatten Room on the Fifth Floor.
0830-0900 Registration (Ground Floor) & industry exhibition (Third Floor)
Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, Fifth Floor
0900-1030 T1a: Optimising patients before surgery
T1b: Research for the non-academic (Session organised by the Association of Anaesthetists Research & Grants Committee)
0900-0925 Fasting before surgery
Dr William Fawcett, Guildford
Funding projects and how the Association of Anaesthetists can help
Dr Ravi Gill, Southampton
0925-0950 Educating patients before surgery
Prof Denny Levett, Southampton
Getting approval for projects: who, how and why
Dr Matt Wiles, Sheffield
0950-1015 Management of pre-op anaemia
Dr Andy Klein, Cambridge
Big grant/small grant: recent projects supported by the Assocation of Anaesthetists

Big grant: giving a a ketone drink to comatose survivors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Dr Richard Armstrong, London

Small grant: upper limb disorders in anaesthetists
Dr Surrah Leifer, Manchester
1015-1030 Discussion
1030-1100 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Third Floor) / poster viewing (Fifth Floor)
  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, 
Fifth Floor
Room: Pickwick Suite, First Floor
1100-1230 T2a: Practical management of emergencies
T2b: Training
T2c: Dilemmas in practice
Facilitator: Dr Nancy Redfern, Newcastle
1100-1125 Managing shock in the real world
Dr Craig Morris, Derby
How much supervision in theatre? Data from CLWRota
Dr Mark Cox, London
An interactive session about working in a demanding clinical service
1125-1150 Recent advances in major haemorrhage
Dr Laura Green, London
Learn or die 
Dr Mark Stacey, Cardiff
1150-1215 Engineering better decisions in emergencies
Dr Stuart Marshall, Melbourne
Teaching kids CPR
Dr Ada Ezihe-Ejiofor, London
1215-1230 Discussion Discussion
1230-1300 T3: Panel discussion / Q&A session for members

Lunch / industry exhibition (Third Floor)  

Trainee Lunch: There will be a lunch for all the trainees attending the meeting
(Second Floor)

  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, 
Fifth Floor
Room: Cambridge, 
Fifth Floor

T4a: Guiding clinical practice – remembrance of things past (Session organised by the History of Anaesthesia Society)

T4b: Trauma

Poster Facilitation & Judging

1400-1425 Innovation and professionalism
Dr Alistair McKenzie , Edinburgh
Trauma & compartment syndrome: Association of Anaesthetists guidelines
Dr Mike Nathanson, Nottingham
Group viewing and discussions facilitated by poster judges.
1425-1450 Evolution of research/evidence-based practice  
Dr Peter Featherstone, Cambridge
Major trauma in the elderly
Richard Griffiths, Peterborough


Anaesthesia embracing technology
Dr Danielle Huckle, Cardiff
Permissive hypotension in trauma
Karim Brohi, London
1515-1530 Discussion
1530-1600 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Third Floor)

T5: Keynote - Archie Brain Lecture
Location: Churchill, Ground Floor
Chair: Dr Kathleen Ferguson, President, Association of Anaesthetists

Perioperative outcomes research in Africa
Prof Bruce Biccard, Cape Town
Live streaming

  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, Fifth Floor
1645-1815 T6a: Getting the best out of resources

T6b: Advances in day surgery (Session organised by the British Association of Day Surgery)
Chair:  Dr Kim Russon, President-Elect, British Association of Day Surgery
1645-1710 The productive operating theatre and beyond
Hugh Rogers, London

Pushing the boundaries of day surgery
Dr Mary Stocker, Torbay

1710-1735 GIRFT for anaesthetists
Chris Snowden, Newcastle
Emergency ambulatory surgery: are we there yet
Doug McWhinnie, Milton Keynes
1735-1800 It's all about safety
Dr Libby Haxby, London
Innovations in spinal anaesthesia for day surgery 
Dr Robbie Erskine, Derby
1800-1815 Discussion Discussion