Friday 12 January

0900-0930 Registration (Ground Floor) & industry exhibition
  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, Fifth Floor
0930-1100 F1a: Anaesthesia session
Chair: Dr Matt Wiles, Editor, Anaesthesia
F1b: Independent practice interactive session
0930-0955 Respiratory complications Domain 1 2A06, 3C00
Dr Alastair Glossop, Sheffield

An interactive session about developments and challenges in independent practice.

Delegates are invited to bring questions and share their views

Mr Aaron Swinton, Partner, Sandison Easson Chartered Accountants

Dr Vaibhav Joshi, Clinical Informatics Director, PHIN (Private Healthcare Information Network)


0955-1020 Cardiovascular complications Domain 1, Domain 3, Domain 4 1A01, 3G00
Dr Guillermo Martinez, Cambridge
1020-1045 Complications of blood transfusion Domain 2 1EO4, 2A05
Dr Heidi Doughty, NHS Blood & Transplant
1045-1100 Discussion
1100-1130 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition
1130-1300 F2a: Brains
F2b: Innovation
Chair: Dr Gerry Keenan, Council Member, AAGBI

1130-1155 Prediction and prevention of postoperative delirium 1A02-03, 1E03, 2A04, 2C01
Prof Michael Avidan, Washington, USA

Innovation in Anaesthesia
Dr Jim Roberts, Royal National Throat, Nose & Ear Hospital (1130-1155)

2018 AAGBI innovation award shortlisted entries(1155-1225)

Little Journey app: a novel virtual reality preparatory tool for children undergoing ambulatory surgery
Dr Chris Evans

The design and implementation of an electronic emergency theatre booking system Dr George Gladstone

iTraXS (intra Tracheal Multiplexed Sensing) Endotracheal Tube                     
Dr Andrew Norris

An oxygen reservoir for use in difficult environments, SAFE Anaesthesia Worldwide and Diamedica
Mr Robert Neighbour, Diamedica Ltd & Dr Roger Eltringham, SAFE  (1225-1235)

Safety innovations and human factors in anaesthesia
Dr Peter Young, Middlesborough & Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam, King's Lynn (1235-1245)

 Discussion (1245-1300)

155-1220 AAGBI Dementia Guidelines, Domain 2, Domain 3 1E03, 1F02, 2A07
Dr Stu White, Brighton


Stroke and thrombectomy Domain 1, Domain 2, Domain 3 2A03, 3A15, 3F00
Dr Judith Dismore, St George's Hospital
1245-1300 Discussion
1300-1330 F3: Honours and Awards & Presidential Address (Churchill, Ground Floor)



Lunch / industry exhibition (Third Floor)

NELA, the next instalment. Working together to improve care for Emergency Laparotomy Patients

  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor

F4: Keynote lecture - Featherstone Oration

Airway training: past; present and future Domain 1 3J02
Prof Cyprian Mendonca, Coventry

1530-1630 F5: Debate


This house believes that peri-op medicine represents the future of anaesthesia as a specialty Domain 1, Domain 2, Domain 3, Domain 4 1L02, 1L05, 2A03, 2A07, 3I00, 3J00
For: Dr Mike Swart, Torbay
Against:Dr Ben Fox, King's Lynn

1610-1630 Discussion
1630 Close of meeting