Friday 12 January

0900-0930 Registration (Ground Floor) & industry exhibition
  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, Fifth Floor
0930-1100 F1a: Anaesthesia session
Chair: Dr Matt Wiles, Editor, Anaesthesia
F1b: Independent practice interactive session
0930-0955 Respiratory complications
Dr Alastair Glossop, Sheffield

An interactive session about developments and challenges in independent practice.

Delegates are invited to bring questions and share their views

0955-1020 Cardiovascular complications
Dr Guillermo Martinez, Cambridge
1020-1045 Complications of blood transfusion
Dr Heidi Doughty, Birmingham
1045-1100 Discussion
1100-1130 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition
1130-1300 F2a: Brains
F2b: Innovation
Chair: Dr Gerry Keenan, Council Member, AAGBI

1130-1155 Prediction and prevention of postoperative delirium
Dr Michael Avidan

Innovation in Anaesthesia Dr Jim Roberts, London (1130-1155)

2017 AAGBI innovation award shortlisted entries(1155-1225)

 An oxygen reservoir for use in difficult environments, SAFE Anaesthesia Worldwide and Diamedica Mr Robert Neighbour and Dr Roger Eltringham (1225-1235)

Safety innovations and human factors in anaesthesia Dr Peter Young and Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam (1235-1245)

 Discussion (1245-1300)

155-1220 AAGBI Dementia Guidelines
Dr Stu White


Stroke and thrombectomy
Dr Judith Dismore
1245-1300 Discussion
1300-1330 F3: Honours and Awards & Presidential Address (Churchill, Ground Floor)
1330-1430 Lunch / industry exhibition (Third Floor)
  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor

F4: Keynote lecture - Featherstone Oration

Airway training: past; present; and future 
Prof Cyprian Mendonca

1530-1630 F5: Debate


This House believes that peri-op medicine represents the future of anaesthesia as a specialty
For: Dr Mike Swart, Torbay
Against: Dr Ben Fox, Kings Lynn

1610-1630 Discussion
1630 Close of meeting