Friday 11 January

0815-0915 Wellbeing drop-in session (Pickwick Suite, First Floor) Refreshments will be available - An informal opportunity to share and learn from experiences related to any aspect of wellbeing including ways to help manage fatigue, stress and work-life balance.
0900-0930 Registration (Ground Floor) & industry exhibition (Third Floor)
  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor Room: Mountbatten, Fifth Floor
0930-1100 F1a: Anaesthesia session
Chair: Dr Craig Bailey, Editor, Anaesthesia
F1b: Independent practice interactive session
Chair: Dr Guy Jackson, Council Member, AAGBI

0930-0955 Show me the money: funding anaesthetic research
Dr Kariem El-Boghdadly, London

An interactive session about developments and challenges in independent practice.

Delegates are invited to bring questions and share their views


0955-1020 Can we generate clinical evidence more quickly? – making clinical research pragmatic
Bruce Biccard, Cape Town
1020-1045 Update in regional anaesthesia for shoulder surgery
Dr Peter Marhofer, Vienna
1045-1100 Discussion
1100-1130 Tea & coffee / industry exhibition (Third Floor)

F2a: Quality improvement
Chair: TBC

F2b: Clinical challenges
Chair: TBC
1130-1155 What is the value of quality improvement?
Dr Carolyn Johnston, London
Malignant hyperthermia: AAGBI guidelines
Dr Liz McGrady, Glasgow
1155-1220 Checklists – warts and all
Dr Michelle White, London
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Peter Featherstone, Cambridge


Improving quality by involving patients
Bev Fitzsimons, London
Postoperative pulmonary complications
Denny Levitt, Southampton
1245-1300 Discussion Discussion
1300-1330 F3: Honours and Awards & Presidential Address (Churchill, Ground Floor)


Lunch / industry exhibition (Third Floor)

  Room: Churchill, Ground Floor

F4: Keynote lecture - Featherstone Oration
Chair: Dr Kathleen Ferguson, President, AAGBI

Hip fractures, challenges, solutions and looming problems
Prof Richard Griffiths, Peterborough

1530-1630 F5: Debate


This house believes that postoperative continuous nerve block catheters are more trouble than they're worth
For: Dr Amit Pawa, London
Against: Dr 
Peter Marhofer, Vienna
1610-1630 Discussion
1630 Close of meeting